We give a face to your next big contract!

Snipers.sale - we give a face to your next big contract

Key challenges we solve

Staff shortage

You are short on sales staff and cannot cover your geography. You need some support to prioritize and track new leads


You don't have enough analytical resources to analyse your universe or to dive deeper on a specific market topic


You have identified a new niche, but are not connected with key decision makers or you need to identify new key accounts

What have we done

white spots in the market identified for a hospitality company
competitors identified and enriched for a potential M&A
"high potential" postal code regions highlighted for an F&B manufacturer
contacts details of 15 CFOs for a cost optimization company

Our approach

Define your market & the opportunities

We scope and identify your target market and the demographic characteristics of your potential customers.

Snipers.sale - Identify target market
Snipers.sale - Switzerland map of all sales opportunities

Scrape the web to map opportunities

We scrape the web to get a full overview of your opportunity landscape.

Collaborate with your sales force to qualify opportunities

Together with your sales team, we identify the high-value opportunities we want to snipe.

Snipers.sale - Switzerland map of qualified sales opportunities
Snipers.sale - Identifying the key decision maker

Find the target's key decision maker

For each target company, we aim at the decision maker(s) and collect their contact information.

Track your progress on your CRM or outside of it

Our purpose is to generate sales. To ensure we do it, we track the progress of your outbound campaigns to the leads we generated.

Snipers.sale - Sales performance tracking

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Our Team

Constantin Papadopolous - Co-Founder of Snipers.sale

Constantin Papadopoulos

Constantin Papadopoulos is a B2B sales consultant. Passionate about communication and negotiation. @Snipers.sale he drives the sales & business development activities. 

Ratko Ivanović

Ratko is an operations specialist, also the founder of Zeal Agency, an outsourced business process support agency. Passionate about finding customer-centric solution, he has a get sh*t done attitude and is results oriented. @Snipers.sale he drives the operations & communication campaigns. 

Ratko Ivanović - Co-Founder of Snipers.sale

Our values

Snipers.sale Value - Confidentiality is our primary value

Snipers are well located, quiet, and leave no trail - so are we!

Snipers.sale Value - Sniper focused customer centricity

Our purpose is not to deliver "tons" of data, but enable your conversions

Snipers.sale Value - Keep it simple

We know that prospecting needs to be easy - our information is actionable and simple to use

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