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I Am Constantin Papadopoulos

With 15+ years of experience (painful at times) in negotiation, I have come across multiple tips & tricks to enhance your communication during negotiations. 

In the past three years, I changed fundamentally my approach. It is now communication-centric. The results are tangible. Less anxiety, higher level of control, and better results. 

As a Swiss army communication & negotiation trainer, I focus on the message and the audience. 

At it is our mission to ensure that our clients do not miss their target due to a communication mistake. 

We have decided to make this knowledge available to all of our followers. Because better negotiators create more value.


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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes and no. 

If you want to learn and practice by yourself, the negotiation club is 100% free.

If you want to join one of our sparring sessions, we charge $19.90 for 70 minutes of training. 

No you don’t and that’s the beauty. Each exercise is unique. You can leverage it to improve a specific skill. 

No we won’t. We commit to a maximum of three messages per week. One challenge, one blogpost, and one deeper dive. That’s it. 

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